Gardd Sadwrn and the nature reserve

Apple tree in Gardd Sadwrn market garden

Apple tree in Gardd Sadwrn market garden

Get your Saturday veg here soon

Gardd Sadwrn* has recently developed out of Lyndsey and James’ smallholding. We’ve always grown for ourselves but now we have ambitions, along with a couple of friends (Raoul and Julian) to make more of a food business of it. To do so we’ve upscaled our production and we are exploring the opportunities in the local area. We are aiming to achieve some of the objectives set out in the Zero Hunger Project.

We love our local wildlife

Not only are many of our clients interested in environmental solutions to problems so are we. One of the things we can do  is support local wildlife habitats. Our smallholding has bluebell woods, wildflower meadows, wet woodlands, scrub and a very fecund pond. We spend a fair amount of time looking after bits of this as well.

Our meadow is managed for the wild flowers so it supports thousands of insects and birds, our woodlands are coppiced and we use the wood to make beds, for our cut flower areas we are developing as well as wood chippings for paths, the coppiced woodlands benefit a huge range of wildlife.

*Gardd Sadwrn literally means Saturday Garden, but we don’t just garden on Saturdays (Julian is on it pretty much full time), it’s from the name of our village Llansadwrn. Now we’d like to think our village name was because it’s so relaxed (literal translation is Parish of Saturday) but it really came from a local Saint called Sadwrn. This hasn’t stopped a number of us utilising the name – BaraSadwrn makes bread for Saturdays for example and we have the award winning Sinema Sadwrn also.